An early-morning Twitter post by a contributor to French website GameKult says that Sony France will “step back” support for the website following an early-version review of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.


Sony will “step back” with GK following testing of Heavy Rain. What a surprise…

Initial criticism levied at Sony France pertained to their squelching of GameKult’s mediocre score given to the game — six out of ten — and employing strong-arm tactics to cause the website to change its score.

However, since it was ascertained that GameKult had in fact based their review on an early, “preview” build of the game, the final product would probably cause a change in the final verdict, giving further credence to Sony’s request.

Additionally, Sony has kept a strict media embargo upon Heavy Rain until the game nears its release date of February 24 in Europe, which might have contributed to GameKult’s souring of its relationship with Sony. 

[Twitter (Google Translated)]