Editor's note: Derek challenged the Bitmob community to replay one of their favorite old-school games and then write about the experience. How did I not get in on this? I've got a copy of Kris Kross: Make My Video that's begging to be played. Next time! – Aaron

Several months ago, I put a call out to the Bitmob community to use whatever free time they could find to replay their favorite game and write about it here on the site. With how busy everyone's lives are,  I was pleasantly surprised when I found that several members took this idea and ran with it — their submissions are great.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I have thus far been unable to finish my own piece. I was playing Lufia II via an emulator (yes, I own the actual game), but I recently switched computers. Enough about me, on to the articles!

Community Activity: Resident Evil 2 by Chris "Cosmo" Ross

Chris "Cosmo" Ross quickly jumped on the activity and went back to play through Resident Evil 2. Although the game no longer scares him, he was still on edge for most of the playthrough. Although Chris had a hard time figuring out how some of the puzzles and gameplay elements fit into the context of the game, he was able to ignore these issues and enjoyed going back to a game from the past.


After Running a Marathon, There Was Halo by Kevin Zhang-xing

Kevin originally intended to play Marathon, but after he found that the game hadn't aged well at all, he settled on playing a more recent Bungie game, Halo. He found that even today, the levels were long and pleasant to look at. Kevin even managed to get some of his friends to break out their Xboxs and lug them over for an old fashioned LAN party! Now that's commitment to the topic!

Symphony of the Nostalgia: My Return to Castle Dracula by Daniel Feit

Daniel chose to revisit his Japanese copy of Symphony of the Night, which had been stored on a shelf since it was purchased. He found the game to be just as exciting as ever, although the melodramatic voice acting hasn't gotten better with age. Navigating the game in Japanese proved to be a small issue, but it seems like he enjoyed his time in Castle Dracula.

They Only Sparkle When They've Been Dead Too Long: Return to Soul Reaver by Evan Killham

After considering a multitude of games for this activity, Evan finally settled on an old favorite in Legacy of Kain. He found that even after all these years, there are many things about the game that are impressive. He notes that the combat system is "simple-but" and draws similarities in game design to the Zelda franchise. Now that he has finished the game, Evan is ready to go back and play the rest of the series .

My Nostalgia, Part 1 – A Gamer's Retrospective by Ed Tremblay

When I asked the Bitmob community to play their old favorites and write about them for the site, I never could have expected what Ed would do. Rather than put something in writing, he put together a video retrospective of his gaming history that well…you just need to watch it. No, seriously, watch it NOW!