The collaboration between Google and Aardvark, the question-and-answer startup Gogole just acquired for $50 million, has begun — though the initial integration is pretty superficial.

Aardvark is a service where users post questions to a trusted circle of friends and friends-of-friends. Both companies just published blog posts about the acquisition, and Aardvark is now listed in Google Labs, the search giant’s area for experimental features. But the Labs listing consists of just a product description and a link to the Aardvark website.

The Aardvark post also addresses a few questions about the acquisition. The company assures users that “Aardvark will keep running and improving on a daily basis — over IM and email, on the Aardvark Mobile iPhone app, and on,” and that you Aardvark user account “will keep working just as it does today.” Also, the company says user questions are set to private by default and so will not show up Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results unless the user wants them to.