Brightcove, a professional video delivery platform for publishers and marketers, unveiled deeper support for mobile video with Adobe’s latest version of Flash today on Android, Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones.

With Adobe Systems’ Flash 10.1 coming to mobile phones during the first half of the year, Brightcove’s video player will bring better analytics and audience profiling. Publishers can learn how far people get into a video before dropping off or where they’re viewing content from. It also provides opportunities for different kinds of advertising and a number of plug-ins built by companies Brightcove partners with.

Brightcove’s products on the iPhone still remain limited compared to what the company offers on other types of phones. While Brightcove has a software development kit supporting video on the iPhone, Adobe’s Flash is still restricted on Apple’s mobile products so the company can’t support advertising or analytics at this time. But it should improve over time.

“That’s not a fundamental limitation forever. The standards will mature and it will be more possible in the future,” said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove’s vice president of marketing.

Clients paying for the professional or enterprise editions of Brightcove can get the new mobile features for no extra cost.