Galaxy Map We all love Mass Effect 2, right? 

It's considered by many to be one of the greatest role-playing games the western hemisphere has ever produced. Its exhaustive, detailed galaxy, convincing character portrayals, and improved combat system unified to create an absolutely invigorating experience. 

But Bioware's space opera isn't without its flaws. The most commonly mentioned issue is the mining system. If you haven't played the game, Mass Effect 2 forces the player to scan, probe, and mine unexplored planets in the hopes of gathering minerals and discovering anomalies. While the mechanic serves a purpose in the lore and game progression, its tedious as hell. Beyond ironically probing Uranus, there is very little to make the mining more tolerable.

Kabuto the Python sought to liven up the proceedings by writing a song, entitled "Those Minerals." Sonically superior to the in-game track, Kabuto's rap faithfully articulates what it's like to be a space-faring gangsta.

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