LogoComet Crash does not make for a good first impression, that first glimpse of the game being a simplistic tutorial that introduces the game as a bland tower defense game with a science fiction coat of paint, and a grid system. Hardly endearing stuff, and yet I found myself still playing the same game 5 hours later.This alone should be a testament to the high level of fun that is contained within Comet Crash, as it is a strategy game that is not to be missed.

The main premise of the game is that you play as a small spaceship attempting to take back a comet that has been set upon by masses of enemies, which sounds like your average, by the numbers tower defence game. But there’s a twist, as rather than just building structures in order to overcome the hordes, you also have to create troops to send back towards your enemies’ base, creating a dynamic “tug of war” feel that leads to the player attempting to strike a delicate balance between defensive an offensive, as the player cannot win without destroying the enemies’ base, and yet still has to keep his or her own defenses in check, which makes every round a tense exercise in creating just enough of both buildings and units to stay afloat.


The sheer amount of content available in Comet Crash makes it more than worth the asking price alone, and the fact that the game includes both a three player co-op mode and a four player Versus mode (that has four players battling it out amongst themselves in a fashion that is akin to a mode such as “king of the hill”) makes it superb value for money, and with such an addictive idea underpinning it’s core game play, it’s a title I will certainly be coming back to, if not to improve my standings on the global leaderboards, then to just the enjoy the game for what it is, pure, unadulterated fun.