The number of VC firms is dwindling, and the amount they’re investing has declined – but that cash is the life-blood of Silicon Valley. To help address these issues, VentureBeat has partnered with on an event called the Future of Funding – a one-day symposium on Thursday Feb 18th, 2010 in San Mateo, CA. This event will gather 200 leading VCs, Angel Investors, LPs, and entrepreneurs to examine new ideas and new models for investment, answering the key questions facing the funding of innovative companies. There will also be an awards ceremony to honor the top VCs of 2009, as selected by the CEO members of Join visionaries such as Chris Dixon, Mike Maples, George Zachary, Jeff Clavier, Barry Silbert, and more to help define the Future of Funding. VentureBeat readers can get 30% off tickets at

Panels include;
– The Entrepreneur Perspective: What do entrepreneurs really need? Is innovation suffering?
– The Growth of Small Firms: How are small firms investing for big wins?
– Innovative Fund Experiments: How are venture groups delivering innovative programs?
– The Emergence of Secondary Markets: When should funds look to liquidate positions?
– Incubators and Accelerators: How are they succeeding, and what challenges are they facing?
– The Role of Corporate Investors: How has the role of corporate investors changed over the last year? Can common ground be found with financial investors?

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