Intergi has quietly grown its network of online game developers and publishers to 60 million unique monthly visitors. And today it is adding another 4.3 million to its reach as it signs up Jagex Game Studio, the publisher of the hit game RuneScape, to represent the company on an exclusive basis to advertisers in North America.

Deerfield, Fla.-based Intergi represents game developers and publishers to advertisers who want to target the lucrative online game players, which in RuneScape’s case are mainly 14 year old to 24 year old males. Jayson Dubin, chief executive of Intergi, founded the company in April 2007 with $800,000 in funding from angels.

Now the company has become a big aggregator of game content, representing big game companies such as Sony Online Entertainment, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Nexon, and Gamers First. The company is profitable and grew its revenues 100 percent in the past year despite the recession. The company exclusively represents 30 sites and reaches about 1,500 altogether.

That’s pretty good growth for a startup that competes in the realm of large companies that do this in other sectors such as Burst’s Giant Realm, GamerDNA, Gorilla Nation, IGN, GameSpot and Betawave. Intergi has 19 employees. In the coming months, Intergi will launch a video platform and syndication platform.

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