We’re moving right along lining up some cool speakers for our upcoming GamesBeat@GDC executive game conference. The event is set for March 10 in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference in the Moscone Convention Center. Today’s featured speakers are as follows:

Eric Chu, group manager, Google Android platform. Chu will speak on a panel entitled A Sea of Mobile Devices which will highlight a discussion about the best mobile gaming platforms of the future. He is responsible for driving the application ecosystem for phones operating on Google’s Android. Chu leads Android developer initiatives, and communications with partners Open Handset Alliance.

Jeffrey Tseng, co-founder of social gaming firm Crowdstar. He will be on the panel on Next Generation Social Games. I met Tseng years ago at the Game Developers Conference, where we hit the parties together. He co-founded Secret Level, a San Francisco game development firm. The company worked its way up, doing ports of games at first and then moving into its own original content. It was acquired by Sega and made games such as Iron Man and Golden Axe. The console game business took its toll and Tseng tried something new a couple of years ago as the co-founder of Crowdstar. Since the launch of Happy Aquarium in September, Crowdstar has seen its numbers soar and it has become one of the top developers on Facebook.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson, founder of Niko Partners and director of DFC-Niko Emering Markets. Cosmas Hanson will moderate our panel on international game markets. She is a top analyst covering overseas game markets such as China and has just begun a project to produce research and analysis of international game markets in partnership with DFC Intelligence. She has 16 years of management experience and has spent years studying the Asian markets and economic policies.  She has lived overseas and frequently travels to Asia.

Here’s a review of our theme for the conference:

Disruption 2.0. We’ll focus on the next disruptions that will happen in the video game industry. In the past couple of years, social games with virtual goods business models have proved themselves and shaken up the status quo. The iPhone has become a hot platform and Apple hopes to extend further into games with the iPad. Digital distribution and online games are growing. Will these trends gather more momentum and prove to be sustainable, or will new platforms and business models disrupt the disruptors?

The big game companies and brands are maneuvering into the market, even as successful startups are consolidating their gains and acquiring companies. Are console game makers poised to make a comeback as the recession ends? As growth returns to the industry in 2010, who will be poised to take market share and define the next-generation of games? Game companies that are doing the disrupting, adapting and growing will be speaking at the conference.

For more conference info, check out our GamesBeat 2010 web site and our Facebook Group for GamesBeat@GDC. Our sponsors include the Georgia Department of Economic Development, PlaySpan and hi5.