Most of us over the age of 30 had poor choices when it came to portable gaming growing up. Until the Gameboy debuted in ‘89, there were those neat little football games with lines representing players, baseball games with dots…you get the idea. In that era, Nintendo produced a few fun LCD games called Game & Watch. Now you can own smaller, though slightly less fun, representations of these pieces of video game history [via Technabob]:


Why less fun you may ask? Even though they offer authentic LCD animations from the originals, these gaming facsimiles aren’t actually playable. Also — most likely for copyright reasons — popular titles like Donkey Kong aren’t available. Hopefully, the ladies will look past your non-working keychain and will instead be drawn to your undeniable sense of style. You can pre-order them here for only $11 each. An ad and video of these bad boys in action appear after the break.



[video: 560×340]