This week’s Bioshock 2 CoverReview Spotlight sets its sights on 2K’s newest underwater adventure — Bioshock 2. Garret Staus decides whether or not the waterborne sequel is airtight, but in case you’re not convinced by one review, Michael Wenzel also offers his opinion on the subject. Do the two agree? Scroll down fast to find out.

But don’t scroll too fast, because Jon Porter steps in front of the greenscreen to deliver a charming, local network forecast of Heavy Rain, after playing the demo. Just afterward, Kevin Zhang-Xing spitfires his bullet-point review of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time onto the Spotlight.

Lastly, Ryan Conway joins us again on the Spotlight with the newest installment in his “For What it’s Worth” series. How’s it feel to be back, Ryan? Ah, I’m sure it feels fantastic!

Bioshock 2 Review
By Garret Staus
Garret wastes no time on an original title for his review. He instead delves right into the core of Bioshock 2. Many who dared to enter the Objectivist kingdom of Rapture acknowledge that the original never warranted a sequel. 2K didn’t leave us with a cliffhanger, nor did the developers hint toward the future of the underwater metropolis. We were satisfied — a rarity in an industry built on long-running franchises.

Does Garret advise us against 2K’s ill-conceived successor or does he feel that Bioshock 2 is a worthy sequel?


Bioshock 2 Review PS3
By Michael Wenzel
I’m not picking on Michael, but I’ll take this opportunity to send a message to all Bitmob community members: Adding some spice to your titles doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact, it makes your articles more appealing to read.

Moving on, Mike (can I call you Mike?) describes his experiences within the pressurized confines of Rapture. Playing as a Big Daddy sounds fun, but does it convince Michael was fighting through hordes of Splicers and maniacs fun a second time?

Today’s Forecast: Heavy Rain with a Chance of Sunny Spells
By Jon Porter
Ah, see what a snazzy title can do for your article? Good job, Jon! But an interesting title isn’t all this writer was able to produce — Jon delineates the good from the bad in Quantic Dream’s newest QTE-driven game. Does Heavy Rain represent the newest form of storytelling or is it just a crummy attempt at interactive fiction?

Pro and Con Review – Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
By Kevin Zhang-Xing

Crack in Time

This review keeps things simple. Instead of 12
paragraphs of analysis, Kevin’s abridged review is
comprised solely of a few pro and con bullet points. Among the former are
“Nolan North,” “customizable weapons,” and “probably the best
instructional manual of this generation.” With advantages that strong, just ignore the cons.

For What it’s Worth: PETA’s New Super Chick Sisters
By Ryan Conway
Would you believe that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released their own game? Without entering into the politics of the issue, the non-governmental organization was upset with the way KFC slaughters and prepares their poultry. In an attempt to satirize the fast food giant, while simultaneously raising awareness among gamers, PETA released this free-to-play Flash game on their website. Ryan takes a bite out of this freshly cooked, well-seasoned title and regurgitates his opinion (I apologize for all the silly puns).