Tonight I have been in a funk about gaming and a certain publisher put me there. My personal theory is that if a game has items something in one region then it should be in the game no matter what region. Many of you all will disagree with me, but that is why todays discussion topic is about this.


When I read the Sega to IGN with lose of content to the UK and US. With Yakuza 3 losing some of the flair which made it great this disappoints me on so many levels as a gamer. Yes, most of you all would not want to do trivia about Japan or see the hostess club. Then again I as a gamer should have the choice if I want to skip this or if I want to give it a try. 

So since Sega took the content out the US/UK also have to pay full retail value for less content. With a double whammy to lose content and pay more I think is just wrong in general. One would think Sega would charge less like 49.99 usd or even 39.99 usd for the loss of content.

What do you think about when games lose content or does such a thing matter to you?