We at VentureBeat are totally fine with embargoes (they’re the timestamps PR people put on press releases; it’s understood that reporters won’t publish a story before the given time). Embargoes give us more time to work on a story, so we’re not rushing out a half-baked post in order to beat GigaOm.

Still, the process can suck the fun out of a workday: PR person emails me to ask if I’ll honor an embargo on some hot news item. PR person calls to see if I’ve read my mail. PR person asks me to put it in writing that I’ll honor the embargo. PR person screams into phone to wake me from napping on my keyboard. Repeat 10 times daily.

This Text-to-Movie cartoon walks through the standard procedure. I haven’t yet figured out who created it. Anyone?

Update: The video was created by TechCrunch Europe contributor Steve O’Hear.