I hope you've been studying your game characters, because it's time once again for another round of our weekly head-scratching guessing game. And, trust me, this week you'll really need to pick your brain to figure out the mystery video game character below based on their five seemingly random clues. Think you got what it takes to figure it out? I hope so. Because losers are only good at one thing: losing.

question mark block

Guess Who

1. Color me stupid, but I don't get why people always say I'm "green with envy." Um, I don't envy the color green at all, idiots.

2. My history greatly depresses me. Let's just bury it, OK? 

3. I've been know to lend a hand when needed. What can I say? It's the right thing to do.

4. Some say that love can die. Well, I disagree — true love lives on even after death.

5. I don't know what it is, but people really seem to dig me. I guess once you get a taste of my lifestyle, you can't help but follow my lead.

Who am I?

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Use your brains, nitwits — it's me, Stubbs the Zombie!