We finally get to kick ass in ancient Greece, sans whatever type of  proto-bubblegum they had back in those days.

News Blips:

God of War 3The demo for God of War 3 is now available on the PlayStation Network. The download contains the same content showcased at last year's E3, to remind players just what all the fuss is about. Don't forget to stop and "assist" any suggestive-looking ladies on the way to CHAOS. [PlayStation Blog]

Bungie: not making PlayStation 3 games (at least not yet). While the team is busy working on the upcoming Halo: Reach, community manager Brian Jarrard says that the decision to go forward with any potential PS3 titles is "undefined right now." I'd love to see a Metal Gear Solid remake with Master Chief somehow shoehorned into the zany plot, but they probably aren't taking suggestions. [CVG]

Blizzard opposes account sharing during the Starcraft 2 beta test. While the punishment doesn't necessarily involve a permanent ban, community manager Stefanie Gwinner reminds testers that "sharing your account is not allowed." [Inc Gamers]

At a press event held yesterday, Nintendo VP of Sales and Marketing Cammie Dunaway said that she doesn't expect a successor to the Wii "anytime soon." While the Wii currently sits in more households than the PlayStation 2 did at the same point in its life cycle, Dunaway is confident of finding "a big audience out there that [they] can access with Wii." You're not fooling me, Dunaway: I know world-domination plans when I see them. [GameSpot]

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