Grand Theft Auto is banned, Godfather 2 is banned, God of War is banned, Dante's Inferno is banned, oh look Darksiders and Heavy Rain are banned from the United Arab Emirates too! Oh and guess what! Spec Ops: The Line is getting UAE's "Ban Hammer of Doom" too!

You'd really think at this age of information something ridiculous as this would not happen, yet here we go. In the first few months 2010, 3 games get banned from the get go, Darksiders gets banned for "contradicting with the country's beliefs and customs", Dante's Inferno gets banned mainly because it shares the banned poem's same name, Heavy Rain recently gets banned for the sex scene. God of War III is coming on the way, I don't even have to guess what's gonna happen with it.

The more I read games get banned here the more I lay my head low at how stupid people can be here. It all started with the PSP God of War when "parents" got "shocked" at how God of War in the hands of their children "contradicts their beliefs", seriously age ratings exist for a reason.

I know age ratings don't really mean anything in this part of the world, but it should definitely happen. How long must every game player on this planet use the phrase "would you let your kid watch Scarface?" as a counter argument to "games are bad for kids"? But that's a different argument for a different article for a different day.

These games maybe "banned", but they are still sold everywhere in the country, I've gained enough trust in many a shop to sell me Darksiders, which I still don't get why it got banned. But then that's the thing, why ban when there are a million ways to obtain it, and selling under the table isn't exactly the only way to get these kind of game into the country, there are online stores and torrent sites that will supply these games to whoever is interested, Dante's Inferno (the poem) is banned here? you can get it as an eBook FOR FRIGGIN' FREE, I know, I own copy (which I still haven't read yet due to my busy schedule and book reading backlog).

What baffles me even more that these games get banned for their content yet it's available in every different form out there, even some games don't get banned yet they still are sold here like nobody's business, ok Darksiders was banned for being loosely based on the biblical version of the apocalypse, wasn't 2012 like that? That poor excuse of a movie was the talk of the town when it came to the cinema. What about Bayonetta? You killed angels in that game too, Devil May Cry 3 had a door texture of the Kaa'ba as a door to the demon world, I did not hear a peep about that. Oh and those three are the tip of a giant media iceberg.

So why is there this ban on games? Is it because it's easily found in the hands of young kids? How stupid are parents to give their kids games that involve mature content? would you give your kid Cyanide thinking it's Cherry soda? I don't even have to explain it those numbers and age ratings are there for a reason.

But then knowing parents here, they won't pay the money for an original game, they'd pirate the stuff, where they won't see those ratings or research about the games they give to their kids. I'll conclude this rant with one sentence and one sentence alone: Stupidity must not breed.

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