I can't say that a Square or Circle captures my interest right now. Such a shape that is making it's way more and more on to the gaming scene. Then again having a hexagon may be better then having a trapezoid.  


Maybe a reason for this topic has been brought up due to me playing Greed Corp which was just released on xbla and psn. Others will remember this shape by playing Catan for many hours. There is nothing wrong with each game, but they do require you to think strategy from time to time.

I don't want to take anything away from the square or the octagon as each one has it's own greatness in games. How ever for me it was being limited for just four directions. Yes an octagon gives us all points on a compass with the most realistic ways to move. I just think that is way to many moves as a square with only four ways to more is also to small for my likes. 

As the hexagon continues to be the tile pattern in games like Civilization 5 and Greed Corp. One can only hope that this tile pattern continues. How ever my question is not where do you think we will go from here. 


So what strategy game have you played and wished they would use a hexagon tile pattern instead of squares or any other pattern?