IPhone users who’ve jumped onto Google Buzz but can’t stand Buzz’s mobile interface now have another option. A third-party Google Buzz app called Buzzie has hit the iTunes App store with an introductory price of $1.99 (it will go for $2.99 after its launch week).

Initially reported by The Next Web, Buzzie appears to share a lot of design cues with the popular iPhone app Tweetie. It also does pretty much everything you would expect: You can view posts from your Google Buzz followers, create public and private Buzz posts, and add new followers from within the app. Buzzie can also show you Buzz conversations near your location.

For a first release, the application is fast and polished — though it lacks any truly distinguishing features from Google’s web interface. Heavy Buzz users will find it easier to use than the online interface, but I’m not sure if casual users will see enough benefit to justify paying for the app.

Judging from the slew of apps available for Twitter and Friendfeed, it’s sure to be the first among many upcoming Google Buzz mobile apps.

Buzzie is being developed by Alberto Garcia Hierro, who has released several iPhone apps so far, including WikiAround and Uncyclopedic.