New data from comScore says that while MySpace mobile use is on the wane, Facebook traffic from phones has more than doubled from a year ago. But Facebook’s growth rate isn’t nearly as impressive as Twitter’s.

According to a comScore report published Monday, here’s how mobile traffic compares to last year’s stats:

Overall mobile traffic: 11.1 percent of all mobile users, and 30.8 percent of smartphone owners, hit a social networking site in January. Those numbers are up 4.6 percent and 8 percent from January 2009.
Feature phone users: Only 6.8 percent of non-smartphone users accessed social networking sites.
Twitter: The number of users in January 2010 shot from last year’s 1,051,000 to 4.7 million. That’s 4.47 times as many users or, in PR-speak, a 347 percent increase.
Facebook: It’s up 112 percent from last year’s 11,874,000 to 25,137,000. Facebook is still the king of social networks, with more than five times as many mobile users as Twitter.
MySpace: It’s still way ahead of Twitter, but down 7 percent from 12,338,000 to 11,439,000.

    [Image: Fresh Apps]

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