If you thought your TV would be safe from Google’s search empire, think again. Google is currently testing a service on Dish Network that will allow users to search through TV listings and web video (including Youtube) on their televisions.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal (via Silicon Alley Insider), the service is driven by new set-top boxes that replace the standard Dish Network box. Intriguingly, the new boxes are running “elements” of Google’s Android mobile operating system — which hints at an even more interesting future for Android outside of mobile devices, netbooks, and tablets. The interfaces on cable and satellite set-top boxes haven’t evolved much over the past decade, and certainly haven’t made much progress on the search front. Google is taking advantage of their lack of innovation by bringing television search to modern times.

As is typical for Google, the company is also eying advertising integration into the television search service as well — which may also make it more tempting for cable and satellite providers to jump in bed with the search company.

Currently, the service is being tested by Google employees and their families.

Even if all of the cable and satellite providers decide to jump on Google’s TV search service, it will likely be some time before we see it in our living rooms. Rolling out the service would require replacing current set-top boxes, which is something that traditionally happens at a snail’s pace.