Cisco unveils super-router — Cisco Systems today launched a new large-scale core router with enough bandwidth to allow every Chinese citizen to place a video call over the internet at the same time, according to PC World’s Tech Inciter.

FourSquare introduces tools for businesses — Popular Silicon Valley check-in service is debuting a dashboard for business owners showing them data on who frequents their locations and when. They are intended to give businesses more information about their customer bases.

Skimlinks makes it easier for publishers to find affiliates — Skimlinks, an affiliate marketing tool made my Skimbit, aggregates products from a network of merchants, allowing users to discover new products they may haven’t otherwise. TechCrunch has the details.

Pokorny snags CEO post at Dailybooth — Brian Pokorny has departed his position as general partner at SV Angel to become CEO of Dailybooth, a social application that allows users to share status updates and photos.

Twitter battles phishing — The micro-blogging site says it will now vet all links posted through its Trust and Safety team in order to prevent cyber attacks.

Bing continues to grow as Yahoo falls — comScore’s newest data shows that Bing’s market share increased 0.2 percent between January and February while Yahoo’s dropped 0.2 percent. Business Insider has more data.

Retweet sells for $250,000 — The site, which aggregates the most popular links on Twitter, sold on auction site Flippa after garnering 45 bids.

Google Maps becomes bike-friendly — Google Maps has introduced maps and directions for bicyclists, finally giving into the avalanche of requests for that functionality. CNet has more.

Metalab accuses Mozilla of plagiarism — Interface design agency MetaLab’s Andrew Wilkinson published a blog post today alleging that Mozilla ripped off the design of its FlightDeck editor.

Lemnis Lighting shines with $37.5M — Light-emitting diode maker Lemnis has raised $37.5 million in a fourth round of capital to introduce a line of lighting products suitable for the home. Greentech Media has more.