I should've known that something weird was going on today when my bowl of alphabet cereal spelled out "those Framerated guys will confuse the hell out of you". Yep, it said all of that.

Video Blips:

• The zany bunch at Framerated throws us in a loop by playing through the first 30 (yes, 30!) minutes of Final Fantasy 13. I feel like I'm in a time paradox — where's my Delorean when I need it?

Continue after the break for a return to the world of Zenozoik in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, some timely saves by the goalies of FIFA World Cup: South Africa, and a reminder of the inherent dangers in owning a Portal gun.


• Ghat still lets his fists do the talking in this trailer for Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition. I see some potential therapeutic applications — if everyone had a foam hammer and an endless supply of things to bash, the stress would just melt away!

• The action on the pitch doesn't seem to faze the permanently-partying crowd in FIFA World Cup: South Africa. I get the sneaking suspicion that those oversized hats serve as a distraction to the athletes. [GameTrailers]

• Those Portal guns should really come with a warning label. I knew Aperture Science had working prototypes, but a Nerf gun? [GameVideos]