nexus oneUntil now, people using Google’s Nexus One smartphone with AT&T service have only been able to access the carrier’s slower 2G or EDGE networks. But today, Google announced a new version of the phone that is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network, boosting speeds to stem consumer complaints.

The new version is also compatible with Rogers Wireless’ 3G network in Canada.

Google’s Nexus One can be used with a SIM card from most GSM operators around the world. The unlocked phone has run into limitations, though, since some carriers use different 3G frequencies. The Nexus One hit the market in January, with a plan and 3G support from T-Mobile in addition to the unlocked version.

The Verizon edition is expected to launch later this month, and a version for Vodafone in Europe is scheduled to be released as well in the second quarter of this year. There have also been rumors about a stripped down version of the Android-based phone for the Indian market.

The AT&T-compatible Nexus One can be used with a SIM card from the carrier, and the phone is sold online at $529. There is no discount for AT&T, however, because Google still offers a plan with T-Mobile only, at $179.