Democrasoft is one of 65 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2010 event taking place this week. These companies do pay a fee to present, but our coverage of them remains objective.

Democrasoft, a Santa Rosa-based collaboration startup, aims to bring a bit of voter input into online community building and project management. It’s a service that lets groups, both large and small, organize conversations and pick ideas to promote. The company’s main product, Collaborize, is designed for organizations that need some ground-up input like schools, clubs and associations. The company has been beta testing it with more socially minded partners like TechSoup Global.

In it, members of a community can pick topics that they want to have input around. They can ask questions or post ideas to the larger group and then ask for opinions around those ideas.

Once an idea has gathered enough traction in the community, members can call for a vote and invite others to participate. Group leaders can measure reactions immediately to new ideas and groups can either be public or private.

Collaborize costs anywhere from around $30 a month for up to 100 users, then $100 for up to 1,000 users, then $200 a month for 5,000 active users. There are specially arranged deals for groups with larger numbers of members.