As you read this post, I don't want to give the impression that I'm against gaming websites or blogs. I enjoy the internet for my gaming information as much as the next person, which is obvious since you are reading this on BitMob.

Personally, when it comes to gaming journalism I prefer to sit back in a comfy chair or couch, sip on a cup of coffee and read the latest feature and columns of my favorite mags..  There is something about the esthetic, the tactile feel, the permanence that a  print magazine provides.

With the death of EGM (I'll get to the impending rebirth in a bit), I felt as well as many others, that the North American gaming magazine market was in a sad state of affairs. This prompted me to subscribe to the U.K. published EDGE, which along with its great production values, industry focus and well written features also comes a higher price tag, which can be a deterrent to many in North America.

In 2010 however we are seeing a renaissance in North American videogame magazines, which was kick-started started by the Game Informer relaunch late last year.  This was followed by GamePro, which is now headed by John Davison (ex EGM, ex OPM, etc.)


I think I can count the number of times I have bought GamePro on one hand since I have been gaming (20+years). The new GamePro is delivering a more adult tone, story driven articles focusing on the people that make the games, columns by freelancer's such as Robert Ashley and Leigh Alexander as well as a new column devoted to the best Bit Mob post of the month.  Needless to say the surprising turnaround for GamePro has prompted me to subscribe.

Another new magazine hitting the market, which was officially unveiled at this years GDC is Kill Screen.  Spearheaded by Jamie Brophy-Warren (Wall Street Journal, etc.), Kill Screen like GamePro is targeting a more adult audience.  Kill Screen wants to be for videogames, what Wired is for tech and what Rolling Stone was to rock n' roll.  Currently Kill Screen is to be published 4 times a year. For people interested in Kill Screen, check out there page located at


And now to the rebirth of EGM. While I can't say anything of the quality yet, it certainly sounds ambitious. With the EGM's partnership with Bit Mob and the Area 5 crew, I think we can expect great things and an evolution of what gaming magazines can be, which will surely be helped by the weekly digital format complimenting the monthly print magazine.

I hope all of these magazine can find there niche and not only survive, but thrive in 2010 and beyond.  Maybe the increase in competition will push each brand to deliver even better content.

Aaron Bonk-Richards