IM-History, developer of G-Recorder, a tool that allows Skype users to record their chats and calls into email services like Gmail, today announced the launch of G-Recorder Pro. The upgraded tool will bring its features to a wider audience, including users of Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, AOL and other IMAP compatible hosted email servers (MS Exchange and Zimbra) — for a higher price.

G-Recorder  is a downloadable software that automatically records a users Skype calls or chats and saves them within a Gmail account – similar to how Gchat automatically saves your messages within Gmail. The tool is handy for those Skype users who have to keep records of their conversations. A reporter, for example, looking to save an interview with a particular CEO for playback later can do so with G-Recorder.

The new G-Recorder Pro version will be accessible for additional email services and automatically save each conversation as an MP3, which can be played back easily within the email platform, rather than having to download them. Which this feature, Skype conversations can be accessed from anywhere. Other features include call notes and auto email forwarding.

Other Skype recording software exists that allows users to automatically record and convert conversations into downloadable formats, including ExtraLabs Software Skpe Recorder as well as iFree Recorder. Though it would appear G-Recorder has the upper hand with its integration into email platforms.

The G-Recorder has a reasonable on- time cost of $24.99, while the new Pro edition is a slightly higher cost of $39.99. With the new access anywhere capabilities of the Pro edition, and the ongoing advancements between Skype and mobile carriers, G-Recorder Pro looks like a good deal.

IM-History was founded in 2007 by a group of software developers and IM users.