London-based Timetric has raised seed funding to build out its online data service, The service, currently in beta, provides numerous data sets that users can search and analyze — everything from the price of a cheese sandwich (see below) to changes in foreign exchange rates. Users can also upload new data sets to the service, and it’s free to use for now.

In addition to its open data service, Timetric also offers Timetric Portfolios, a tool for analyzing stock portfolios that can then be shared easily. Timetric’s better-known customers tend to be publishers like the Guardian at the moment, but the company hopes to branch out with the new funding. They’re one of several startups housed at a brand-new London incubator called White Bear Yard we profiled last December.

The company didn’t disclose the round size except to say that’s first investor Stefan Glänzer, Alex Zubillaga, Sherry Coutu, Matteo Stefanel and Sean Park and Udayan Goyal of Nauiokas Park participated in the round.