PAX East pre-lineThe sign said "Restrooms", but we were headed for…

PAX East 2010 Friday line…this line. Which wasn't even half of the line for the first day.

PAX East BeanbagsThese beanbags would be my sanctuary for large chunks of the weekend.

The Gambit boothThe Singapore/MIT Gambit game lab. Right?

Alienware BoothAlienware booth

TurbineI didn't get the "Turbine" pun at first, and so had the gruesome idea that Turbine was using their fans as fuel. That my mind went there…what do you think it means?

Dunkin donutsI started Saturday off with a health breakfast.

People in the Handheld LoungeSome people used the Handheld Lounge to relax.

Me in the loungeI, however, used it to STOMP FACES.

Monday Night CombatMonday Night Combat was pretty popular.

Folks playing Crackdown 2As was Crackdown 2.


The 1-Up Megazine, Fort90, and exp. zines I picked up from Attract Mode. Pretty stoked about these. You should pick them up if you get a chance. (Not pictured: the copy of Kill Screen that was waiting for me when I got home).

Intel buttonWearing buttons and bumper stickers from companies to win free stuff was a popular past-time at the show.

Ant buttonMaybe the coolest thing I picked up that wasn't the written word: a button with some sort of blue collar security guard ant that I got from…uhm…Pete? I think? Sorry, man, this is kind of embarassing.

These are just the highlights: the rest is in this gallery on my website. If we met at the convention, hit me up on Twitter or XBL (DontKickFood). Yinz were pretty cool.