What's better than a bunch of bipedal vehicles blowing the crap out of each other? The same bipedal vehicles blowing the same crap out of each other in space.

Video Blips:

• Instead of the 'roid-addled macho men used in similar games, Transformers: The War for Cybertron features the eponymous robots in disguise. I've never seen so much metal violently flung around by metal machines in metal arenas. [Activision]

Continue after the break for some multiplayer action in Red Dead Redemption, a spooky Alan Wake featurette, and an iPad-sized bundle of fun named Sam & Max: The Penal Zone.


• The freedom to ride anywhere is your dusty oyster in Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer. No word yet if the game will have an endlessly tedious stare-down scene before the shooting starts.

• There's something strangely familiar with this Alan Wake video. It's on the tip of my tongue; something about a "hushed mountain?" [GameTrailers]

• Sam & Max's first foray into the iPad scene has one of the longest titles ever. No, seriously: Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse – The Penal Zone. Curse you, episodic content!