Mark it on your calendars now.  April 8, 2025.  Fifteen years since Microsoft Games CEO Cliff Bleszinski's groundbreaking appearance, a prominent celebrity/game developer will make their return to the spotlight on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (ugh…) to announce a brand new game for the Nintendo Revolution (sigh…).   

After an extended hiatus which included a stint in rehab for addictions that can only be described as "interesting," all eyes will be on their holographic cell phones. This will be the first time that the star has been seen in any sort of public capacity after the scandal that rocked the video game industry.

No one really knows what happened that night after Thanksgiving 2024.  From the outside looking in, the issue looks to be just a non-violent domestic situation between husband and wife; but because of the star's desire to control the image he has developed through the years as a genius game maker/family man, the lack of official information is getting people anxious and eager to eat up any juicy bits of gossip that might have a shot of being true. 

The successful portrayal of that image has deified the developer to a unique status in the video game industry.  Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Wright would be looked upon as the Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus of gaming, revered within the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers. But this developer broke into the mainstream unlike any other.  His games appealed to every conceivable audience not just because his games were good, but because he broke the paradigm of what a game developer looked like. 

His talent was apparent from the start.  He came from a well-adjusted family that raised him to become the saving grace of video games.  From independent hits on his tablet at the age of two to multi-million dollar collaborations before finishing college, the world has been watching and admiring him for years.  The public thought after his development days were done, he would gone on to more philanthropic endeavors, politics even.  But now that future has changed.

Tablet tabloids turned this controversy into a cottage industry during the star's absence.  Everyday, people's RSS feeds were bombarded with rumors and innuendo about who he was with.  You could not pass by a screen for months without seeing the number of people that were alleged to have been involved in the scandal increase from a handful to numbers that were only once thought to be attached to proper Final Fantasy games.

What started as a situation that could have been easily buried if the star had just come out and admitted to the mistake and apologized right away has now become a monster that everybody has an opinion on. The fallout has been well-documented.  Publishers that once banged at the door with hoverboards of money were dropping left and right, not wanting to be associated with the disgraced developer. The court of public of opinion was being lost by the minute. Children were confused, men were apathetic, and women were disgusted.  A get-together time was incomplete if there wasn't a conversation about the scandal.  Even people who normally didn't care about video games would be getting their two cents in. 

And through all this time, there will be the gamers who only care about one thing: will the creator of their beloved games still be able to perform at the grandest stage?  Will he be able to band his team together and come through with another hit?  With E3 right around the corner, the game that will be announced on The Tonight Show has to be amazing.  If the game is anything but great, it might put the industry in a funk that it might not able to recover from for a long time.  So the pressure is on.

Let's brace ourselves for that future.  We keep hoping that the people behind our favorite games will become international celebrities.  But with celebrity comes the hounds that love nothing more than to bring these heroes down, right or wrong.  And we'll all be there to witness it.  Let's all hope Justin Bieber won't be around to bump that appearance to next Monday.