When id Software is mentioned, the games that come to mind are the absolute obvious ones: Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein.

Raven Software developed Heretic, its sequel Hexen, and Hexen 2, and id published them in the '90s. In some ways, they were more innovative, fun, and original than id's more well-known first-person shooters. You could choose a character class, and Hexen 2 introduced destructible environments and mounted weapons.

Jump to 2010. A "group of fans" are creating an entirely new game in the series which follows the Heretic storyline.

Hexen: Edge of Chaos is a mod for Doom 3 and will be completely free to play. Looking at the screenshots for this game makes me want to play Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior using the Half Life 2 engine. Can someone get to work on that? Thanks!

Meanwhile, check the official site for updated news on the unannounced release date and hit the jump for more shots of this fantastic-looking Hexen sequel.