Twitter will make it easier to see tweets and media around specific places through a new feature called Points of Interest.

“If you’re writing a tweet and tagging it with a place, we care about the content of that place and what’s happening in real-time there” said co-founder Ev Williams at the company’s Chirp conference in San Francisco.

Williams was adamant, however, that Points of Internet wouldn’t be a check-in. He said that services like Gowalla and Foursquare can continue to thrive on Twitter by sending notifications in the form of tweets. Location-mentioning tweets from these startups could in fact serve as fodder for Points of Interest content.

It’s been difficult for awhile to do location-specific searches on Twitter, since you’ll tend to pull up tweets that are actually geotagged from a place and tweets from people who say they’re permanently from there on their profile.

The company has been slowly making its location tags more meaningful, going beyond latitude and longitude coordinates. A recent geotagging feature launched on lets users tag tweets with specific neighborhoods directly from the web site. Twitter’s recent acquisition of Mixer Labs in December could also provide the basic data to create richer location tags.