What can anyone say about Warioware D.I.Y….well its Warioware game in the full sense of the term. There over 90 microgames that come prepackaged with the game, not to mention that you get about 2 new games every week off of the “Ninsoft” store in game. If I was going to review this game based on its prepackaged games I would give it a C+. There pretty average. My favorite ones are the ones based on old Nintendo games. The microgames it comes with are a great way to springboard ideas for all of the other games you will be making.


Lets get to the part where you get to make your own games, since that is about 75% of the game. All things considered, don't get this game if you don't want learn the tools of the trade and make your own microgames. The tools are powerful yet simple. They seem to have a more think-out-of-the-box appeal. The whole game is designed around a cute little graphical interface filled with ninjas, sumos, and maestros that aid you in making the game. There are even extensive tutorials on how to make your own games.

Sadly, there is only one action you can do, click. Do you like sliding the stylus? Too bad. There is only one action you can preform and that is a stylus click. Now, I'm not going to say thats a bad thing although that your first couple game creations will look a little lowsy and have a click-here-to-win game play mechanic. After watching the tutorials and spending some time messing with the game creator you will see how complex the game maker is and how you can bend the simplicity of it all to your will and make some really intense looking games that play and feel like some real games you've played before

All in all, this game is highly addictive. Ive made like 30 microgames so far. This game gets an A- from me. It would have been an A+ had there been a way to have multiple control outputs, rather than a tap by tap style of game play.