In case the title didn't do it for you, I found some pretty cool deals today, and I thought I might share.

First of all, according to Destructoid, you can snag an Xbox 360 Arcade for $100:

"Barnes & Noble has Xbox 360 Arcade for $200 – 50% code M4U8F7F = $100. Shipping is $5."

You can alternatively use that code to grab a pink DSi for $85


Second, you can get both (really, very excellent) Deus Ex titles over Steam this week for $5.

That's not $5 a piece, that's $5 for both of them. If you haven't played them, you won't get a better chance. A lot of people disliked the second (Invisible War), but I personally loved it. For $2.50, you can decide for yourself.


Last, and this isn't really a money-saving deal, but pre-ordering Starcraft II from Gamestop online will get you a beta key. No word on whether they are giving out beta keys for in store pre-orders, but if you're like me, and you'll be buying Starcraft II (despite the tacked-on Activision tax) and you didn't get into the beta, there's no better time than the present!

Also, don't forget that Direct2Drive is having a spring sale. I snagged the Guild Wars trilogy for $20. Not bad!