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Most likely, you do not play only one genre of video games. You probably try to fit your games into the current setting and situation. When other people aren’t around, a single player adventure, such as a role-playing game or the campaign mode of a first person shooter, would be ideal. If you have ten minutes to kill every morning before you go to school or work, you might want to boost your reflexes by playing free-for-all in Halo. After you’ve accomplished everything you need to during the day, you might want to just relax and chill with some friends while playing a multiplayer game.

Some gamers play video games because they have nothing better to do. They’ll spend countless hours immersed in the fantasy world of a single-player RPG such as Final Fantasy, leveling up their party so they can stand a chance against the next boss. These games can be addicting because they allow you to see how much all that hard work you put in to grinding lower-level beasts has paid off. By the time you get to the last boss, your party has become so well-equipped and stat-boosted that no one can take you down. Then you finally defeat the final boss and you realize there is no one else in the world you can pick a fight with to show off all that power you spent so much time gaining. Unless there was a way you could connect your game with a friend’s game and battle it out. Well, that’s what Pokemon is for. With Pokemon, you have more reason to continue playing after defeating the Elite 4 to prove to your friends that you gained more knowledge from the adventure than they did.

Since most role-playing games don’t have a multiplayer feature, they would become boring to any observer that might be in the room. In order to not bore the hell out of your friend, you probably have a few multiplayer games in your collection. First person shooters have become one of the most popular genres as they appeal to most male adults as well as some females and younger gamers. They test your reflexes and ability to adapt to the situation, which makes for the ultimate competition for bragging about your skills. You can test your skills against your friends or gamers around the world online. It’s a shame that Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t allow two players on one console to play online together, but you can play through the campaign cooperatively. If first person shooters aren’t your type of game and you have three friends over and you’re wondering what to do after someone cashes that bowl, put in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This game is perfect for playing either cooperatively or competitively.

Since most of you have lives outside of games, you don’t always have a lot of time to sit down and play for as long as you want. This is when a short ten-minute match of an online shooter comes in handy, or a short skirmish of Starcraft. There are many ways to test your skills without having to dedicate several hours in an epic adventure. Games like these are convenient to have around when you know you’ll be leaving soon, or if you need to kill some time while you’re sitting on the bus waiting to arrive at your destination.

Whether it’s a lonely day for immersing yourself in an adventure or a social gathering for having fun with your friends, you must all have certain games in your collection fit for any type of situation. Even if you’re the loner type that only plays adventures, you can still play multiplayer games considering many games have online modes, meaning you don’t need to make real friends. What kind of games do you play and in what situations do you play them?