Sometime last year Capcom asked it's forum what VS Capcom game they would like to see. My first thought is Nintendo. Who has more memorable characters then Nintendo? Here is what I want if it happened.


Mario, Link(Zelda), Pikachu(Pokemon), Samus(Metroid), Capt Falcon(F-Zero), Donkey King, Kirby, Marth(Fire Emblem), Ness(Mother/Earthbound), Fox(Star Fox), Pit(Kid Icarus)


Zelda, Capt Olimar(Pikman), Wario, Little Mac(Punch-Out!!)


Bowser(Mario), Ridley(Metoid)



Ryu(Street Fighter), Viewtiful Joe, Mega Man, King Arthur(Ghost & Goblins), Phoenix Wright, Yami(Okami), Zach & Wiki, Leon Kennedy(Resident Evil), Strider, Chun Lee(Street Fighter)


Frank West(Dead Rising), Protoman(Mega Man), Capt Commando, Nathan McNeil(Dead Space)


PTX-40A(Lost Planet)

Monster Hunter Monster*

*I don't know what monster, just a big monster


I was looking for games that Capcom made on Nintendo consoles or that fit Nintendo presonality. So that's what I got, any ideas? You like? Hate?