Toy Story 3

The Game


Toy Story, I remember it like I remember the family members names. Toy Story made my childhood what it was… Great! I remember the first time I watched Toy Story, it was like watching as a child a magic show without knowing how they did it, but as you grow up you never knowing how they did it. Well Toy Story is like that, but astonishing on how they make an impact on a child's life.

I remember when getting my first Buzz Lightyear for Christmas. It was the happiest Christmas in my life. It inspired me to play games, and have a passion for 3D animation movies (mostly Pixars movies). The game so far looks superb, and very creative. Instead of the movie-based game, its a sandbox (or know as toybox) type it doesn't touch on the movie as much as movie-based games.  There are a couple of tutorials you have to go through, but when you are done you can roam, gallop, and even swing around the sandbox (toybox), and smash boxes, cactuses, and do quest type missions. The more quest you do and more points (coins) you collect you can buy play sets that can add to your already awesome time. Avalanche Software got to use the movie models for the game, and when they tried to make there own to help out the game. It was missing traits so Pixar and Avalanche worked it out and replaced them with the small green Star Trek like aliens.

There are a lot of familiar faces in the game. Woody, Buzz, and much more old and new faces. There are new features Woody, Buzz, and company can do. For example woody can swing with his rope, Buzz can use his LASER, yes you heard right his laser. Buzz also got his own play set add-on in the game. There is a green glob that can increase the size and physics of the character or vehicle.

The impression the movies and the games gave on kids and adults alike are important and inspiring. They are also fantastic movies, and games. I can't wait for the game nor the movie to come out so I can watch it and get my hands on the game to play in over and over again to feel the warmth of my childhood again. Till next time……. To infinity and beyond!!!!!





Anthony O.