The following video explains why game studio Bungie and Activision Blizzard’s Activision Publishing division have teamed up to publish a new game that goes beyond the blockbuster Halo franchise developed by Bungie and owned by Microsoft.

Bungie has been working on a new non-Halo game universe since 2007. The video shows Thomas Tippl, chief operating officer for Activision Publishing, and Harold Ryan, president of Bungie, explaining why they did the deal. (Traffic is busy for this video, so it may be choppy). The new game will run on a variety of platforms. Microsoft will keep the Halo game property and continue to expand it using other game studios. Bungie will finish making Halo: Reach, its last Halo game for Microsoft, with plans on schedule for a fall launch. Then it will move on to the game that Activision will publish.