I've been saying all along that it seemed too strange for Activision to fire the producers of their biggest product EVER under such questionable circumstances.

They did it because this deal with Bungie was coming, and they knew the news would wipe the IW bullcrap right off the radar. What do they care if they lose Modern Warfare at this point? They still have a guaranteed moneymaker in Call of Duty, they got rid of the two troublemakers (from their perspective) who fought them on the idea of producing both Call of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare 2, and now they just hooked up with a studio who is much larger in gamer culture than Infinity Ward, and who people have been dying to see go cross-platform.

"Jason and Vince who? We got Bungie."

Ain't it nice when a plan comes together? Now, I want to see who in the "professional games press" puts this together the fastest.