When embarking on your latest spacefaring escapade, be sure to pack a helpful amount of bear-strength pepper spray for those pesky mutants!

Video Blips:

• In Dead Space 2, no one can hear you scream. Then again, I don't think any sound will get past that oversized grille of a helmet. [GameVideos]

Continue after the break for a look at the destructive add-on pack for Just Cause 2, an Air Force pilot doing the time warp again in Singularity, and a short walkthrough of Top Gun for the iPad.

• Just Cause 2's upcoming downloadable content unlocks more ways to shower chaos on Panau's inhabitants. Imagine: Somewhere in the far-flung world, an automobile-cum-weapons manufacturer thought that a small Southeast Asian island could benefit from the aptly named "Tuk Tuk Boom Boom." [GameTrailers]

• Those Air Force pamphlets failed to cover time-warp disasters. On the other hand, this trailer for Singularity emphasized a heretofore unknown perk for time-control device owners: free booze on demand!

Remember that scene in Top Gun when Cole Trickle did a barrel roll in a flying car? No? Neither do we. Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" has got to be the most nostalgia-inducing song ever made.