With uncertainty over the fate of the Greek economy, the US stock market took a steep dive today, and the big tech companies were not immune.

Like other market indexes, the tech-heavy NASDAQ composite plummeted, and while it has partially recovered, it was still down 3.4 percent (82.65 points) at market close.

The Dow also saw its biggest single-day plunge since 1987 today, although it’s since recovered some of that loss.

And here’s how far a number of prominent tech stocks have fallen:

  • Amazon — down 1.7 percent
  • Apple — down 3.8 percent
  • Google — down 2.2 percent
  • IBM — down 2.3 percent
  • Microsoft — down 2.9 percent
  • Oracle — down 4.1 percent
  • HP — down 5.1 percent
  • Yahoo — down 3.5 percent

Meanwhile, people trying to track the market’s shifts online are probably having a hard time keeping up. Yahoo Finance is down, TechCrunch also spotted error messages on Google Finance.