If you consider the comments concerning Street Fighter: Legacy made on my last article, one thing is clear: Making a low-budget feature film isn't easy. But if you compound the inherent difficulty with high expectations, alarmist Internet viewers, and meek revenue prospects, you have a challenge that few filmmakers can surmount.

After completing and releasing a feature-length, pro bono Mega Man film, Eddie LeBron has proven his mettle as a filmmaker. Clocking in at 93 minutes, "Mega Man" tells the renowned story of Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily (pictured below), and the androids they create.

Dr. Wily

If you're a long-time fan of the Blue Bomber or just interested in seeing a film based on a popular video-game license, check out LeBron's creation by clicking the image above. Unfortunately, I haven't found the time to see Mega Man yet, so I'll reserve judgment…for now [via ScrewAttack].