Here’s the latest action:

Google Reader adds HTML5 support — Now when you share an awesome video via Google Reader, your followers and you will be able to view it easily on their mobile phones thanks to new HTML5 support.

Ferris Bueller pops up on Twitter, Foursquare — Someone going by the name ferris_bueller_, as an homage to the classic film starring Matthew Broderick, is tweeting as the movie’s character, and even checking into locations in Chicago on Foursquare.

ReputationDefender adds $12M — The company, which tracks people’s online identities for a fee, has raised $11.99M in equity, options, rights and the sale of second-round preferred stock. Here’s the SEC filing in question.

Toshiba gearing up for lightweight laptop — The major electronics maker is in the middle of developing the lightest laptop to date, measuring 13-inches and including a fast-charging battery.

CBS will capitalize on the iPad — The major television network plans to bring its full programming schedule to Apple’s new tablet computing device, emphasizing its superiority when it comes to movie playback. NewTeeVee has more.

How much to tech companies spend on advertising?Business Insider has collected and broken down data reflected how much money the major technology companies in Silicon Valley are spending on advertising. Microsoft led the pack, with Apple and eBay trailing behind.

Android runs on iPhone 3G — After weeks of working on replacing the iconic handset’s operating system, PCWorld says it is possible to run Android on the iPhone, opening it up to new applications, rate structures and other potentials.

Facebook lets you unlike PagesThe social network has made a new “unlike” button available for its Pages, allowing users to overtly dislike content they are presented with. It’s a feature that has been requested many times over since the establishment of the “like” button.

Borders launches its own ‘Kindle’The bookstore chain has just released its own version of Amazon’s Kindle to compete with it, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the Apple iPad. Called the Kobo, it carries a price tag of $150.