Remember Street Fighter: Legacy, the movie we highlighted two days ago? Well, Joey Ansah, the film's director, released the surprisingly short film on YouTube today. Without pontificating for too long, allow me to mention that the film kept me laughing for all the wrong reasons. Click the image below to watch the full-length video:

High Five

The High Five!

Now that you've seen it, let's talk about the film. For starters, I'm willing to congratulate the director's efforts at staying true to the canon and internal logic of Street Fighter. At first glance, the combat and choreography seem asinine, but in reality, they reflect the game's traditional visuals. For instance, instead of sidestepping away from Ryu's Hadouken, Ken jumps over it — a decision only a Street Fighter character would make.

Now, onto the bad….


The "movie" is embarrassingly short. I mean, three minutes? Really? It's a sad state of affairs when a teaser trailer rivals its related film in length. In the description box of the YouTube video, the creators tell you to watch Street Fighter Legacy in HD for "best viewing experience." The language they used and the promotional material they released had me convinced I was about to see a Hollywood blockbuster. In reality, I sat down to watch two men high five each another with their feet to the tune of some overly melodramatic music.

It breaks my heart to say this, but Street Fighter's legacy remains unclaimed. It seems we may never live to see a worthy film adaptation. What do you think [via Street Fighter: Legacy]?