Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.

Contemplating an NDA? Here’s what you need to know – Non-disclosure agreements can be among the most important paperwork you sign as a startup. Attorney Scott Walker runs down five things you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re about to insist on one – from either side of the deal.

The new face of venture capital: A road map for entrepreneurs – Even as VCs begin to slowly invest more, startups are running into more hurdles than ever. Serial entrepreneur Kevin Lawton gives his thoughts on trends among VC firms and what’s driving change in the industry today.

23 insights from the Netflix culture deck – Netflix may no longer be a small company, but its deck on corporate culture is essential reading for any startup owner, notes serial entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah. He highlights some of what he feels are the most important points – and the full deck is also available for you to peruse.

Business owner, college student: Balancing the juggling act – Just as it’s hard to hold down a full-time job and launch a startup, it’s nearly as complicated to do so while you’re in school. Aditya Mahesh, a sophomore at UC Berkeley and the founder of SnipBids, offers his tips for young entrepreneurs.

Want to succeed? Quit marketing – Major PR campaigns may work for some companies, but Tom Conrad, CTO of Pandora, has a suggestion on another way to help your company growth – one that could cost less and result in valuable feedback as well.