If you were to ask Kevin Flynn, he would say that getting the high score in Space Paranoids was a breeze. After playing a few rounds of the game this week, I'd have to disagree. Continuing the fun viral campaign for Disney's upcoming movie Tron Legacy, the fictional Encom company from the original film has released a browser-based version of its hit title from 1982 that never really existed.

Not only is it cool to play a great representation of the ancient quarter muncher, but you can also earn hidden rewards. Throughout the 15 levels of the game you'll find secret barcodes which reveal never-before-seen artwork from the movie which is due for release December 17th. As awesome as it is to finally play Space Paranoids, I'd like to see a browser version of the actual Tron arcade game from the '80s — those damn spiders always pissed me off and are due for a major derezzing.

Play the game yourself here, and check after the jump for some of the secret rewards hidden inside the game.