I'm sure I'm not the only Bitmobber out there who wants a Super Street Fighter 4 game night. Fighting games are much more fun when played with a community and, there's no better community than Bitmob. This could also be Bitmob Super Street Fighter 4 tournament night since the good folks at Capcom are releasing Tournament Mode via DLC on June 15. I understand that this would require tons of organizing by the Bitmob staff. That being said, I still think it seems like a cool idea. Hopefully there's a time that works for our friends on the east coast, west coast, and across the pond. If there's an even enough split maybe two separate tournaments could be required, one on PS3 and one on XBOX 360 Perhaps someone could even throw in some prizes and up the stakes?

        So who's up for a SSFIV Game Night, what character do you play as, and what console do you play SSFIV on?


P.S. If one has already occurred then just disregard this.


Update: I recently discovered that Shacknews has weekly SSFIV tournaments. Just make a username and you're good to go