Bitmob/1UP Field Week

Welcome to another day of Bitmobbers on Twitter: Field Week!!! 

Field Week is not all about beards and games based on movies, it's about reflection. Reflection on the hobby that we love, the games we cherish, and the f#$king things that piss us off to no end about the past-time we love so much! The things that break what would otherwise be good games and posses good developers to make bad choices. The things that drive us mad!

These "things" have inspired the topic today, just scroll down to find out. Then get over to Twitter and let your voice (tweet) be heard! And remember, you could win something!

Here's how it works: 

– I will post a topic here on Bitmob.

-You head over to Twitter and tweet a response.

-Make sure to include the tag #BoT4

You can tweet as many responses as you like, and I will post the best of those on Bitmob. Not only is this a great way to show off your creative skills, but you can also win something!

I will be randomly picking one Bitmobber who takes part in this challenge and reward them with a random prize! That is a lot of randomness! There are only two days left to enter for this random prize!

The 3 Commandments (rules) are:

-Thou shall be registered on Bitmob with thy real name.

-Thou shall be following Bitmob on Twitter.

-Thou shall live in continental North America (or be willing to pay shipping costs.) 

The Topic:

What pisses you of about video games, the video games industry, or really anything video game related. It's time to spill out grievances out on Twitter for the world to see, but, um, keep it tasteful! And remember to tag your reply with #BoT4.


The First Winner:
The First Winner of the Bitmobbers on Twitter Field Week Event is Juan Letona!!!! @juanchitomayor
Congratulations, Juan!!! You have been contacted about this, appropriately, via Twitter.