If you’re considering launching your company’s product at the DEMO conference, consider applying for a special session at one of Silicon Valley’s most respected venture capital firms, Benchmark Capital.

On June 22, at Benchmark’s offices on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, we’ll be meeting with up to ten companies. Whether you’re contemplating a launch at the upcoming DEMO, held September 13-15 in Silicon Valley, or at a later DEMO event, the session will give you the opportunity to meet with myself (I’m DEMO Executive Producer and am in charge of selecting DEMO’s class of companies) and some of the rest of the DEMO team. Each session will be for at least a half-hour (20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes feedback). You will also be able to meet with general partners at Benchmark.

Benchmark is known for having been the first venture capital firm to be structured as an equal partnership, with all of the general partners equal in compensation and in contribution. There are no junior partners, so the companies participating in this event will all be meeting with one or more of the full general partners at the firm.

We’re delighted that Benchmark has offered to host this. However, I want to set expectations straight. This is not supposed to be a pitch for funding — more a way to build an early relationship with the firm, and get some valuable feedback from its experienced general partners. Hats off to Benchmark for doing this in support of the entrepreneur community.

Benchmark has solidified its position as one of the elite venture firms of Silicon Valley. While younger than some of the very early firms like Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia, the firm rocketed to prominence after backing eBay, and has since backed companies like Juniper Networks, Red Hat, MySQL, Twitter, OpenTable, Yelp and Tellme.

If you’re interested in coming to this special gathering at Benchmark, please fill out this form. Given Benchmark’s focus on information technology, we’ll only be inviting cloud/infrastructure, SaaS, consumer internet and mobile companies for this session. Even if you’re not selected, we’ll strongly consider you for an invite to after-event beer and burger party at the Dutch Goose. If you’re selected, we’ll follow up immediately with more information about the presentation and who will be there, etc.

The session is just the latest in a series of informal DEMO gatherings around the world that we’ll be having as we seek out the very best products for DEMO’s stage. This is a global quest for the best: We’ll announce more soon, in places as far away as Russia and Taiwan.

To be clear, if you’re interested in applying to DEMO, you don’t necessarily have to attend any of these events. You can always apply directly here. The early deadline is May 31. This DEMO is going to be big. Press registrations are already filling up, and we’re going to have more announcements soon. People wanting to attend can still get an early bird ticket for $995.

Look forward to seeing some of you at Benchmark!