Noir York CityGamers lounge around on couches and bean bags way too often. It's time for us to see the world! But where should we go first? Well, allow the Bitmob community to direct you toward your next travel destination. Last week, I started a writing prompt about cities that make great vacation destinations for gamers. In response, contributors Daniel Feit, Sean Hinz, and a few others applied hair gel, bought new suits, and adopted the suave demeanor of travel agents. Click an article and pack your bags!

Gamer Tourism: New York City
By Daniel Feit
If you lived during Roman times, you would undoubtedly move to Rome. With all the modern similes comparing America to the Roman Empire, living in New York City would make sense, right? Daniel Feit certainly believes so. But after playing Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto 4, I'm not so sure I'd like to settle down in such a violent town. Then again, the Italian food and baseball games may make the alleyway muggings seem a minor nuisance. If you've got a few spare air miles, allow Daniel to coax you toward the Big Apple!

Dallas, Texas is for Gamers Too!
By Sean Hinz
Deftly hiding his contempt for Austin, Texas' favored city, Sean hypes the importance of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area with a list of developers, conventions, and gaming communities. After reading that id Software started in Sean's hometown, I was sold! Is Dallas as "Fort-Worthy" as this Bitmobber argues? Find out by clicking the link.


Gamer Tourism: Los Angeles, California
By Nick Guinta
In recent years, the public has pinned the City of Angels with a less-than-admirable reputation. Between the poverty, the ghetto-cool fashion trends, and shockingly shallow culture, few gamers would go out of their way to venture into L.A. County. But Nick assures us that the world's 13th largest city has one redeeming feature. Care to guess what it is?

Gamer Tourism: Columbia, Missouri
By Chase Koeneke
Columbia is the smallest city among those that Bitmobbers chose to highlight, but from the looks of things, it's also the coolest. That's right! I've made my choice. I'm spending all my cash on a one-way ticket to Columbia next payday. Not only will the city provide me with safe haven from my lone sharks:  It's chalk full of Internet cafés, used game stores, and down-to-earth gamers. Columbia is my kind of place!